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Book Cover of Digital Planet, Tenth Edition

Digital Planet, Tenth Edition, By George Beekman and Ben Beekman screen capture

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Digital Planet: Tomorrow’s Technology and You is the tenth edition of the textbook by George and Ben Beekman. Like its predecessors, Digital Planet 10 uses clear, engaging prose and illustrations to clarify complex ideas, demystify technology, and shed light on our ever-more-digital future.

With this edition, the authors have launched a companion web site, The site is continually updated with links to many of the web’s best and most relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and multimedia presentations. Everything in the site is cross-referenced to chapters and sections in Digital Planet, giving the book a currency and interactivity that aren’t possible with printed pages alone. Posts to are also cross-posted to the book’s companion Facebook page,, and its twitter feed,

These web resources are designed to complement the digital supplements provided through the Prentice Hall site, to produce a complete educational package for students and instructors.

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