Cover of Oh! Pascal!

Other Writings and Teachings

George Beekman’s words have shown up in a variety of publications over the years. He was a regular contributor to Macworld for the first two decades of that publication’s existence. He wrote or cowrote articles for The Computing TeacherA+InCiderMouse Droppings, Whole Earth CatalogMother Earth NewsLifestyle, and several obscure journals that (almost) nobody read. His first major publishing project involved coauthoring several software-specific manuals to accompany a popular Pascal programming textbook. (Remember Pascal?)

George Beekman taught multimedia, computer literacy, computer ethics, and software design in Oregon State University’s Computer Science Department for 24 years. As an adjunct faculty member for OSU’s SMILE program, he worked with students and teachers in communities with large Native Americans and Hispanic populations, helping them to apply computer skills to science, mathematics, and communication problems. He has done keynotes, presentations, and workshops on computers and multimedia in education at many conferences around the United States.