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Tomorrow's Technology and You Tomorrow's Technology and You is the ninth edition of a one-of-a-kind textbook by George Beekman and Ben Beekman. The book, formerly titled Computer Confluence, provides broad overview of emerging digital technologies in our lives. Since its introduction more than a decade ago, this popular text has helped hundreds of thousands of students learn about the applications and implications of computers, the Internet, and other forms of information technology. Johanna- If I Could Fly If I Could Fly Singer/songwriter Johanna's newest album, If I Could Fly, is an engaging, eclectic collection of songs about longing, loving, and learning. On this CD Johanna's soaring voice is backed by a talented crew of musicians, including Halie Loren, Neal Gladstone, Audrey Perkins, John Shipe, Absolute, and other singers and players who've made their marks in rock, folk, jazz, classical, world beat, electronic, and a cappella music.
Cienfuego Artex finale Cuba Gallery This collection of photos documents George and Susan Beekman's musical tour of Cuba. The beautiful spirit and energy of the Cuban people shines in these images. Shortly after these pictures were taken the Bush administration enacted new restrictions on travel to Cuba, increasing the suffering of Cuban citizens to reward and appease Cuban expatriots in Florida. Until these cruel, misguided restrictions are lifted, it will not be legal for US Citizens to take an educational tour like this one. Cienfuego Artex finale Solar CreekFor the last four years a group of Corvallis, Oregon citizens has been working to bring solar power into the schools. Four pilot projects-two food coops, an elementary school, and a high school-are partially solar-powered thanks to their efforts.
Beekmedia Ben Beekman's multimedia design portfolio and audio/video showcase. encompassing print work, web design, electronic music composition, and video production. Anthrotechnics logo Anthrotechnics A progressive new media design house that specializes in creating evolutionary interface design, web development, and interactive multimedia performance solutions.